Cricket Exchange Review 2021 – Get Accurate Match Live Updates & Analysis

Cricket Exchange Review 2021

Many cricket fans long to have an option that allows them to get a hold of accurate live updates of matches of their favorite cricket teams. And what more if it could be served on a smartphone right in that palm of their hand. That is what Cricket Exchange is all about. Not only does it offer a site that documents every minor progression of a tournament, it also has the exclusive Cricket Exchange app that allows you to view live scores, fixtures, and rankings at any time of the day.

Keep reading to find out how this site works and what other neat features it has in store for cricket fans like yourself.

What is Cricket Exchange?

Cricket Exchange is your one-stop cricket scoreboard and match ranking website. It not only covers local matches in India, but also tournaments in Pakistan, New Zealand, Ireland, and Sri Lanka. This homegrown site is owned and managed by an undisclosed company located in Jaipur, India. The site has been open for public use since 2016.

Even though the identity of the Cricket Exchange owner is unknown as of yet, our experts have cross-checked the information on the site with other reputable sources to ensure the reliability of the match details listed on the site. Essentially, this site is geared toward offering you the latest score updates of matches from around the world, rankings as well as match fixtures.

Can I Place Bets on Cricket Exchange?

From the layout of the site, it is pretty clear that there are no betting options for this site. It serves to merely provide its users with the latest information on matches they have their eye on as well as the latest fixtures of global cricket tournaments. 

Similar cricket update apps include the likes of the Diamond Exchange cricket app, Betfair Exchange live line, Sky Cricket Exchange, and the Platinum Exchange cricket live score site.

Key Features

Cricket Exchange Website

Cricket Exchange Website

The website is designed to be simple and functional. There are a few main navigation tabs towards the top right of the screen – Home, Series, News, Fixtures, and Rankings. 

And these tabs display exactly what they’re named for. The Home tab shows you snippets of the latest matches, news, and key tournaments with active matches. 

The Series tab on the Cricket Exchange live line has a drop-down menu from which you would be able to select the tournament you want to view and subsequently, all its current and past matches of the season.

The News tab hosts the latest cricket news, both locally and internationally. The Fixtures and Rankings tabs provide visitors with the latest lineup of fixed matches and latest standings. The Cricket Exchange live scoreboard is updated in real-time, so rest assured that you’ll be getting the most recent bulletins and briefs about your favorite teams.  

Cricket Exchange App​

Cricket Exchange App

The Cricket Exchange live score feeds are also available on your smartphone. They have their very own proprietary applications developed for both iOS and Android. The Apple version is somewhat a mirror of the website layout and has all the same features. 

However, being on mobile, this could be a hindrance as the design is not very suited for mobile-only features like touch gestures and multi-finger scrolls. However, the app is quite usable.

On Android, the Cricket Exchange mod apk runs a completely revamped version of the website. The features ate much more suited for use on mobile and layouts are icon-heavy rather than being text-heavy. One great thing is that, unlike the Apple version, you can view active matches by players. The only downside, based on customer reviews, is that they may have a bit of an active advertising side gig going on.

If you’re interested, the Cricket Exchange app download can be done directly from Google Play Store or Apple App Store for all compatible devices.

Cricket Exchange Match Fixtures

The match fixtures area is very simply designed, allowing more focus to the details displayed rather than frills on the banner and sidebar area. From here, you can view fixtures by date, series/tournaments, or by team. 

Each entry has the information on which teams will be going head-to-head, the date and venue of the match as well as its sequential position in the tournament. Once a match is over, you will see a detail of who won the match as well as the runs or wickets they have won by.

On the app, match fixtures come complete with the team odds. You can even watch multiple live matches on the apps. You will be able to set a notification alert for any of the matches you choose, allowing you to instantly be in the know of the score, complete with wickets and runs scored. Also, matches can be viewed by players on the Cricket Exchange Android app, with a sweet addition of the players’ profiles and their lifetime rankings and achievements.

Current Rankings

Player rankings can be viewed based on the Men’s or Women’s leagues. Each tab is broken down into their leaderboard positions by team, batsmen, bowler, and a special ranking for all-rounders. 

On the website, you will see rankings listed by respective tournaments. On the Cricket Exchange app, users can select the criteria they want and rankings will be displayed accordingly. And similar to the site, it will be split into sections by the tournament or league.

Latest Cricket News Updates

The news area is 100% live on Cricket Exchange! Keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the world of cricket from K9win, from match updates, player and tournament news as well as shocking cricket scandals straight from your PC or smartphone. On the website, you will be able to find news reels in the sidebars and in between your ranking and fixtures lists on the homepage. Additionally, there is a dedicated area for you to access all the latest bulletins.

A similar area is also available on the app. The display and design, however, are more mobile-friendly. News articles are listed to be scroll-friendly with clear headlines, without the usual cramped layout you see at other cricket update sites. You can even open news articles in full-screen mode, allowing you to read better, even when on a commute or while having a meal.

Pros & Cons
  • Real-time score and match updates
  • Detailed rankings
  • Latest cricket news ticker
  • Simple website design
  • No ads on website
  • Ball-by-ball commentary on app
  • Player profile on Android
  • Match notifications on Android
  • Too many ads on the free version
  • No match summaries
  • No progress graphs for tournaments on the web


Although you can get the latest cricket updates on Cricket Exchange live, in reality, it’s a little further away from being the best cricket exchange site around. This is because it does not have a summarized overview of matches when users hover over a match fixture or result.

Only when you click or tap into the match will you be able to see the key information or players that have contributed to a win. The other shortcoming is the constant ads on the Android app, even on a premium subscription.

However, when it comes to providing their users with accurate information and live scores, be it on the website or through the Cricket Exchange app, they deserve a gold star. The addition of player profiles on the Android app is also something to note, as well as their live ball-to-ball commentary.


Q : What is Cricket Exchange?

A : Cricket Exchange is a cricket live exchange site that allows you to get the latest updates on your favorite teams and their key matches as well as their latest rankings, locally and globally.

Q : How to bet on the Cricket Exchange app?

A : At the moment, Cricket Exchange does not offer betting options.

Q : How to use Cricket Exchange app?

A : All you need to do is download their application onto your smartphone and create an account in order to access all your match details and latest rankings.

Q : How to login in Cricket Exchange app?

A : To log in, simply enter your username and password to access all the features of Cricket Exchange.

Q : How to bet on Cricket Exchange?

A : There are no betting options on the Cricket Exchange app or website at the time of writing.

Q : Is Cricket Exchange for betting?

A : Cricket Exchange is intended to be a comprehensive cricket update site. For the time being, they do not offer betting services on the Cricket Exchange live line.

Q : What do the features on the Cricket Exchange app mean?

A : The basic features of the site are Scores, Fixtures, Rankings, and News. The Score area tells you the latest match result for your selected teams. As for Fixtures, it shows you the upcoming matches that your favorite teams are a part of. The Rankings section shows you the placement of teams within their leagues.

Q : Where can I download the Cricket Exchange app?

A : The Cricket Exchange app download is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.