9Wickets Exchange Review 2021 – India’s #1 Premier Sportsbetting Site


9Wickets is the sportsbetting site that stands out among the rest. With the average population of India being hooked onto the adrenaline rush of sportsbetting, it’s no wonder that many online sportsbet sites have popped up in recent years. But despite having faced the challenge of the more recent and robust contenders, this site remains at the top of the list of India’s favorite sports exchanges. Curious to see why? Well, keep reading then.

What is 9wickets?

9Wickets is an all-in-one sports betting site. Operated by Sky Infotech N.V., it is a host to a variety of different sportsbetting options including cricket, tennis, and football.

Besides being a major Indian bookmaker site, it also offers minor casino betting options. The casino games available here are tailored to suit the betting style of Indians and the list includes options like Andhar Bahar, Teen Patti, Jhandi Munda, Card Matka, and more.

Is 9Wickets a Trusted Betting Site?

When placing bets online, it’s important to know if the site you’ve chosen is indeed a legitimate bookmaker. In the case of the 9Wicket web app, the site is run by a regulated operator.

This particular sports wagering site is deemed a safe and trusted online sportsbet exchange under the authority of the Curacao government. This means that players in any country or region that accepts this particular governmental gambling regulation will be able to place their bets with 9Wicket.

Key Features

Cricket Exchange Website

Multiple Sportsbetting Options

This sports wagering site will never let you run out of bets to make. No matter what sport you choose – football, tennis, cricket – there will always be an open betslip for you. But in order to fully understand the betting capacity of this site, let’s break down those options, one-by-one.

Cricket Exchange App​


When it comes to sportsbetting, Indians never give up a chance to try their luck at the most beloved sporting event, cricket. At 9Wicket, you can place your bets on matches from the Indian Premier League and the Pakistan Super League.

In addition to that, they periodically have single-day, international matches to bet on, nestled away in the One Day Internationals section. And of course, you have Test Matches where you can place your bets on your favorite national teams.

Specials : IPL

With cricket being at the heart of every Indian betting fanatic, it’s no secret that the IPL is a celebrated event in the country. 9Wickets has a dedicated area for those looking to bet on the matches of the most revered annual league.

You’ll be able to see the list of teams playing as well as their average back and lay bets. When you click further into these team names, their complete list of in-play and scheduled matches will be shown to you. From this screen, you’ll be able to make individual bets for all the available matches in the IPL for the current year.


The football betting area is much more lively and energetic compared to the cricket section. Here, you will be able to place your bets on matches from almost any global tournament.

Some of the crowd-favorites include English, Italian, German, Australian, and Spanish football leagues. Simply click into the country to see the latest matches in-play as well as fixtures to place your bets.


Tennis is also another sought-after betting option here. The two main tournaments you can bet on are the Roland Garros and the ATP. As with the last few betting options, simply select the ones you’re interested in and pick out your favorite matches to bet on.

If you’re pondering over the betting odds at this bookmaking den, we’ve got that coming up in the next section.

Fair Betting Odds

9Wickets essentially provides betting odds that mirror that of larger bookmakers like Betfair. In fact, Betfair and 9Wickets were in a partnership, during its early years on the Internet.

However, as the company grew, they spread their wings and began to be able to offer their very own set of competitive odds. When comparing with betting bookies like 10Cric, Betway, Parimatch, K9win and more, you’ll see that these ratios listed here are pretty generous. 9Wickets adopts a decimal odds system to make odds calculations much easier for players.

User-friendly UI

The layout of the 9Wickets website is simple, clean, and functional. The great thing is that this site lacks the distracting ads banners and sidebars that take away focus from the main betting events. Matches are nested into their tournaments, making it much easier to locate.

When it comes to betting, users can easily add their favorite matches to their betslips by simply clicking on the relevant match odds displayed below their match stream. One great feature here is the one-click betting system which allows you to add your bets to your betslip, right from the main list of matches for any tournament or game.

Can I use 9Wicket on Mobile?

At the current time, the site has yet to commission the creation of a 9Wickets betting app for those who need to be able to bet on the go. As the site is still growing, it may be some time before we’d be able to see their app be offered for Android and iOS systems, respectively. However, users can still access their mobile site and place their bets there.

How to Create a 9Wickets Account?

9Wickets have made access to their site completely exclusive. For you to create an account or a 9Wickets login, you will first need to approach a 9Wickets agent who will help you get signed up for a basic demo account. If you find that you like the site and want to bet with real money, you can proceed to make a deposit and place your bets on your favorite sporting events.

The memberships are divided into four different ranks – Silver, Gold, Premium, and Platinum. A Silver membership allows you a 10-day, full access to all the betting features on 9Wicket and the chance to sign on 1 friend. As for Gold membership, you’ll be able to access the site for 2 months, with 2 sign ons. Premium gets you 3-months of 9Wickets bets as well as 3 sign ons. The Platinum pack comes with a 6-month all-access pass and 4 free sign ons to the site

If you’re wondering about where on earth you’d be able to find a 9Wickets agent to get your account set up, we have the full details in the next section.  

Where do I find 9Wicket Agents?

There are many 9Wickets agents strewn across the plains of the Internet. The only tricky thing here is locating a trusted one. To save you the trouble of having to find a needle in a haystack, we’ve taken the liberty to create a complete and trusted 9Wickets agent list :

  • Rebelbet
  • bet
  • Mirrorant
  • 9wickets AGENT
  • 9wickets online master agent: Md Somrat
  • 9Wickets Agent

A further list of individual master agents for 9Wicket can be found here. For individual super agents, see here. However, the legitimacy of these agents has yet to be certified.

Final Words

After looking at the site in detail, it is only fair to conclude that 9Wickets is indeed worthy of its name of being one of the premier sportsbet sites in India. They do have a substantial set of bets to be made and their odds are as competitive as the bigwigs of the industry. The site is designed for easy use and navigation, with all matches sorted into easy-to-find categories.

Even making a bet is as simple as adding your matches and bet odds to the slip with a single click. The 9Wickets registration process is streamlined and exclusive, being mediated by a selected agent registered with the site.

This helps to maintain the quality of the bets and gives you competitive lay odds to bet against, since your opponents are also seasoned sportsbettors. All in all, this site is definitely worth your time and money.


Q: Can I bet on 9Wickets?

A: Yes, 9Wickets accepts bets for cricket, football, and tennis.

Q: Are the betting odds here good?

A: The bet odds at 9Wickets are on par with big players in the industry like Betfair, Betway, Parimatch, 10 Cric, and more.

Q: How do I create a 9Wickets login?

A: To create your exclusive 9Wickets account, you will need to liaise with an agent to help you complete your sign-up process. These agents are registered under the site and are authorized to register you onto the site.

Q: Is betting complicated on this site?

A: Not at all. You can easily add your bets to your betslip with just one click.

Q: What kind of odds does 9Wickets use?

A: 9Wickets has adopted the decimal odds system for better profits and easy calculations.